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“Last September I suddenly found that I could not see small print. A friend introduced me to Macu-Guard and Grape Seed. These I have been taking daily. Each time I have consulted my GP over the past few months he ...” Read more

Quercetin Complex

“This stuff is great! I started suffering with hayfever this year and the amazing people at Go Vita Stanhope recommended this, almost instant relief! Thankyou x” Read more

Bio Curcumin 4800+

“My wife has been taking this product with positive results (like her knees were so swollen and sore she could barely walk and now she's back on her racing bike). Thanks so much, Warren” Read more

Bulgarian Tribulus Complex

“I did not know what to think about this supplement, but I gave it a go and was surprised. I have more energy which motivated me to do more and better exercise. I am a happy chappie.” Read more

“I wish I found you sooner! after taking Oestro Balance for the last 3 months, my body is the closest thing to balanced it has ever been. I cannot thank you enough for this positive life change. Please don't ever ...” Read more

Muscle Resuscitation

“I was recommended this product a few years ago by a naturopath who was working in a health food shop. I explained to this practitioner that for many years now when I do a heavy workouts my body feels like ...” Read more

Clear Skin

“I am 45 years old and have suffered from problematic pimply skin on my face, chest and back since puberty. For 32 years I have suffered from low self-esteem due to my skin and as I’ve aged I’ve become even ...” Read more

Breastfeeding Support

“I used the product and it suddenly came in fast and leaky about 3 days after. So much milk, I went from not being able to feed to being about to feed and pump a full feed for storage :) ...” Read more

Ultra Silica Complex

“Since I began taking Herbs of Gold’s Ultra Silica Complex just a few weeks ago, I have noticed a great improvement in the quality of my nails. For the first time in as many years as I can remember, they ...” Read more




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