Bromelain: the power of pineapple

Historically, pineapple has a long traditional use as both a medicinal plant and exotic food source. Not only does the fruit taste good, it is also an excellent source of bromelain, which has a range of health benefits.

What is bromelain?
Bromelain is a proteolytic, or protein digesting enzyme that helps to break down large protein molecules, so can assist with the digestion of proteins in the diet and to support healthy digestive function generally. Bromelain is typically sourced from the stem of the pineapple which contains high concentrations of bromelain. While the fruit also contains some bromelain, preparation methods differ between the fruit and stem, resulting in varying enzyme activity.

How does bromelain work?
Bromelain appears to be well absorbed in the body without losing any of its therapeutic activity. The proteolytic action of bromelain initiates the breakdown of larger proteins into smaller amino acids, assisting digestion. Bromelain also provides anti-inflammatory activity through inhibition of bradykinin production, a substance that dilates blood vessels at the site of inflammation, and by limiting the formation of fibrin, a blood clotting compound. This anti-inflammatory activity may assist in reducing inflammation associated with soft tissue injury or trauma and mild sinusitis.

Benefits of bromelain

  • Aids in the digestion of proteins
  • Aids digestion generally
  • Vegetarian friendly digestive enzyme
  • May assist in the management of soft tissue trauma
  • May assist in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation associated with soft tissue injury or trauma
  • Provides relief of mild sinusitis

How to take bromelain
Taking Herbs of Gold Bromelain Forte either just before a meal, or in between meals, can make a difference to its therapeutic activity:

1. Digestion of proteins
Take just before any meal that contains protein for the best digestive effect.

2. Soft tissue injury or trauma
Take in between meals to reduce inflammation association with soft tissue injury or trauma.

3. Mild sinusitis
Take in between meals to help reduce inflammation associated with mild sinusitis.

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