Favourite ‘Energy Boosting’ Recipe from Olympic Runner, Eloise Wellings

We caught up with Eloise Wellings, two-time Olympic runner and three-time Commonwealth Games athlete, to discuss one of her favourite Energy Boosting Recipes to keep her energy levels up and out on the running track!

At age 36, with a busy schedule juggling motherhood, as well as being a Ubiquinol ambassador, the founding director of her charity Love Mercy, and a professional athlete—maintaining a healthy, energy boosting diet and exercise routine is vital to support optimal health. 

When it comes to nutrition, Eloise eats for training and competition - either to fuel her races or help her recover and prepare for the next race. This means that most of the foods she eats are nutrient dense and as close to their natural state as possible. 

Even though Eloise has a well-balanced diet throughout the year, she also takes Ubiquinol, the active and readily bioavailable form of CoQ10.  

Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to support energy production, 

Although Ubiquinol can be obtained through diet by eating oily fishes, organ meats or whole grains, it is difficult to get high levels without eating excessive amounts of these foods.  For example, sardines are one of the most Ubiquinol-rich foods, but you would need to eat more than 14Kg of sardines to get 100mg of Ubiquinol. 

In these cases, taking a dietary supplement can be useful when dietary intake is inadequate or, like many of us, when life’s busyness prevents us from eating an ideal healthy diet.

 The standard recommended dose to help build your body’s Ubiquinol levels is 100-150mg a day. 

Here is one of Eloise’s top super-healthy energy boosting recipes, rich in ingredients with ubiquinol including chicken, spinach and peanuts to keep you fuelled and energised.

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